This is the story of Indivox.

A story about some people just like you that got tired of the ways that they received content, music, movies, advertisements and just about everything else. We thought it should be better. A lot better. So much better to the point where we could easily immerse ourselves deeply into things that we are passionate about, but also have a balance so we could find and become passionate about new things. We saw that no one was quite “getting it” so far. We saw the opportunity to fix things, and we are taking it and having fun while doing it.


Voice of the People

Plain and simple we are on a journey to give you the best content and media experience that you can possibly have. We are on a mission to reach the top to be able to create great things for great audiences and give you a voice in the way they are created and presented to you. That’s why we’ve developed this voting and favoriting system we call the “Vox.” It’s short for the Latin term “Vox Populi”- Voice of the people.  It also made us feel fancy for speaking Latin.


It’s a system that allows creatives to maintain creative liberty over what they produce, but also gets the people that make them successful; the fans, involved. You know, like when your favorite band made that killer album, and you waited and waited for them to release the next one, and were one of the first people to buy it and it just wasn’t quite the same as the other one.


Or when the first Spiderman was pretty solid, and you end up on the 3rd one and you find yourself thinking “what the heck am I even watching?” (sorry spidey fans)


And the conspiracies about the movie studios and record labels, and Jimi Hendrix, and Kurt Cobain, and Michael Jackson, Bruce Lee, Mace Windu… It’s too much to try change all of that! Either that or it would take a lifetime. Why even get involved?


A Stream Away From the Mainstream

Indi – It stands for independent. Sometimes starting fresh, with a new system is better than trying to patch up the old one. So yes, that means that we plan to bring you new TV (or internet) shows, Music and albums, lifestyle content and allow you to customize and have some influence on your media experience. If you’re interested in something you should be able to easily find videos, audio, well written articles, infographics and more packaged to make it easy for you to get lost in it.


This also means that we believe that are different, more effective and ultimately more fun ways to make money off of these things other than shoving a random advertisement in your face every 2 seconds.


The Time has come

The time has come. The tech is good enough now. If you think about it the way you get your entertainment, music, movies, magazines, lifestyle advice and more can be a little different now than it currently is. To see what we’re doing take a look around the site. No matter how early on we are, we are always moving in the right direction to revamp the way you see media and the world around you. The most important thing is that we have an audience; someone to see and actively take part in what we’re doing and can enjoy the things that we are producing. So don’t be a stranger!


Thanks and welcome to Indivox.