Full Guide: How to be 100% Fearless in Dealing with People

How to deal with people

It’s time for you to start using your potential with the way you deal with people. This guide goes in depth and shows you how to talk to people from strangers all the way to your closest loved ones. We also look at the role that fear plays in all of your social situations. Let’s get started

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Awesome T-Shirt Designs to get ready for Summer


Summer is just about here. That means it’s about time to start breaking out cool clothes in every sense of the word. All of these T-shirts come in sizes for guys as well as girls and are definitely some of the coolest designs available today. Check […]

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The Most Creative Cases and Holders for your Tablet

Creative Apple Ipad Cases

In a world where just about everyone now has a tablet, what are the best ways to show your own individuality with these devices that seem to be carbon copies of each other? A cool case can be the way to go to show your style […]

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Amazing City Shots


Here are some amazing pictures of some of the most beautiful cities.

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This is another Test Post

Lets Go Surfing 106

This is a test post on the site. Indivox will be a great place where we will revolutionize the way that content is created in our world. Join today!

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Here’s an App that will save you 30 Minutes a day!


Here is the app!

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