Code of Content

Indivox is striving to give you the best content experience that you can find anywhere. This means that we are constantly growing and listening to you. With the way we build and modify our site, and with the things that we post and produce. We keep track of a lot of the most modern things our world has to offer; Websites, Apps, News and more. There’s also the research that we do to be able to write some great posts on various subjects.


Our Original Content


We always try to keep things very interesting by publishing original content. These are articles, photos, videos, infographics and just about anything else we can cook up. We are open to and invite any other bloggers or social media users to republish our content with a creative opinion or spin of your own on it. We only ask that you link back to our original article. It’s modern internet etiquette!


What we Curate


As we ask of anyone that publishes what we create to link back to us, we always do the same for any creations of others that we publish. Whether that may be a blog post, image, product or video we always do our best to continue showing our users the best things from the wonderful world of content, while giving credit where credit is due. If you spot anywhere where we haven’t properly given credit, let us know and we will do our best to amend the problem.