Amazing Recipes that aren’t hard to make

Glorious Food

I myself sometimes find it hard to look at pictures of food online. Why? Because so many times I’ll run into a bunch of stuff that looks delicious, but is just out of my reach to make. Some of these posts that are out there have […]

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In case you didn’t already know: This is what “The Cloud” is

The Cloud

The word cloud has just been popping up more and more. Everyone has one. It’s cool! But do we all know what it actually is, and why so many people say it has so much potential? I’ll explain it plainly and simply for you.   For Consumers   […]

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This park is actually going to be… Underground??

underground park

With all of the crazy technological advancements we are lucky to see going on in the 21st century this one is definitely one of the most interesting ones. This park called The Lowline will be an underground Public park in New York. In an inner city area, […]

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Fun with Friends: This could become your new favorite thing

Fun things to do with your friends

It seems that people and groups of friends seem to always bored and want something to do. This post was made for those of you who want to do something very fun and exciting with your friends. Don’t worry, it isn’t necessarily as extreme as it sounds.

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Let your imagination soar with these great CG worlds!

CG worlds

Sometimes getting away by just letting your mind wander can do wonders for our brains. Great artists give us some of the best ways to do that. Whether it is a drawing, painting, or portrait artists have been helping people enjoy life for thousands of years. […]

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This video will make you want to visit Budapest

Budapest Video

This video super cool short video filmed in Budapest shows some great shots filmed by videographer Joe Simon. Relax for a few minutes and look at some great scenery. Romania sounds pretty good right about now

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