Travel Posters that will make you want to see the world

Hong Kong

As if most of us didn’t already want to Travel more, these vintage styled posters will definitely get you itching to take off and go on an adventure. Here’s a list of places to put on your list to visit, some of which are large attractions […]

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I share therefore I am: What are social networks doing to us?

What are Social Networks Doing to Us

What are social networks doing to us? With Facebook turning 10 years old this year, it has been a whole decade since social networks started changing the way that people interact with each other. Are the effects that they are having on us positive or negative? […]

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Get lost in the Amazing Landscapes

Get Lost in these amazing Landscapes

Here’s a pick of some of the most amazing pictures of landscapes I have ever seen. If this doesn’t inspire you to get up and go see the world than I don’t know what will. (Either that or it will inspire you to continue seeing the […]

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No regrets is not what you think: The art of taking risks

The art of taking risks

No Regrets. That’s a term that is thrown around a lot to justify someone’s actions. Whether they be positive or negative. But what does it really mean to live without any regrets? Too many times people are paralyzed by the fear of making the wrong decisions […]

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The History of Everyone’s Favorite Handheld Gaming Device

The Evolution of the Gameboy

The Gameboy turned 25 this year! Here’s an infographic that shows how Nintendo’s project has grown since 1989. Thanks for showing us all (or at least the kids) great times through the years   Not Displaying? Click here Celebrate Game Boy’s 25th Birthday, designed by Chris […]

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Video: The inside of these people’s incredible jobs

Dark side of the lens

This video gives you a look into a truly exhilarating ┬ájob: Surf Cinematography and Photography. These “workhorses of the industry” stand up to harsh conditions to get some of the most amazing shots of the ocean and the people that ride its waves. Very well done […]

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